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    Bhavan’s Founder President (1887 - 1971)

    K. M. Munshi

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The students are divided into 8 houses which are headed by Captains and Vice-Captains, who take their guidance from the teachers in charge of the houses. Inter-house competitions are organised in various cultural and co-curricular activities. This system fosters a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie.

1. Ahimsa House

Ahimsa or non-violence symbolizes living in harmony without harming anyone.The color yellow symbolizes joy, intellect and energy.

2. Dharmam House

Dharmam or justice symbolizes the path of righteousness and means the right way of living. The color Light Blue is associated with tranquillity, understanding and softness.

3. Jnanam House

Jnanam or knowledge symbolizes the transition from ignorance to pure awareness and consciousness of oneself. The flag color purple symbolizes power, nobility, ambition and independence.

4. Sathyam House

Sathyam or Truth means being true and consistent with reality in one's thought, speech and action. It symbolizes goodness and purity. The color light green is associated with growth, harmony, freshness and fertility.

5. Sevanam House

Sevanam or Service symbolizes serving others and looking after their needs. The flag color Orange represents creativity, determination, success and encouragement.

6. Shanti House

Shanti or Peace symbolizes tranquility or calmness. The color Red is associated with energy, strength, passion and determination.

7. Thyagam House

Thyagam or Sacrifice symbolizes renunciation; it means giving up with generosity what one could probably have kept.The color Dark Green is associated with ambition, money as well as nature.

8. Vinayam House

Vinayam or Humility symbolizes the giving up of pride and becoming gentle and kind-hearted. The flag color Dark Blue represents knowledge, power and integrity.





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Phone no
0484 - 2422528 , 2426682

0484 - 2426682


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